The Party Popper Machine (Graphite Black)

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By Martin Smith
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    Designer: Martin Smith.
    Manufacturer: By Laikingland in the UK.
    Materials: Powder coated steel, brass, motor and party popper toys.
    Dimensions: Height 22cm / 9".
    Power: 9 volt Battery (included).
    Edition: 10 in each colour.
    Colour: Graphite Black.
    Additional: Supplied with 50 party poppers.
    Availability: Edition Sold Out
    Conditions: Not suitable for Children or readers of the Daily Mail (UK).

    The Party Popper Machine by Martin Smith continues his theme of devices of celebration for Laikingland. In homage to the humble plastic party toy and to follow his interest in loud bangs, Smith has developed a nonsense machine that elaborately assists you in the firing of party poppers.

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